Servicing. Winterisation

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What is winterisation

Over the winter months when your boat is not in use, your engine is at risk of attack. For example, if your anti-freeze levels are incorrect the cooling water left in the engine can freeze causing the engine block to crack. Your first warning of this would be when you come to start the engine at the beginning of a new season, only to find that there is water in the oil. This could lead to the costly options of a new engine block or even a new engine resulting in the loss of a season.

The winterisation and recomissioning service offered by French Marine Motors Ltd is designed to reduce the likelyhood of downtime during the season (When you least want to be without your boat!) and ensures that the engine is in tip top condition ready for the season ahead.

What is involved?

The engine oil is changed, the cooling system is drained and filled with a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and inhibitor. Any cooling system anodes are changed. Engine drive belts are slackened. Fuel conditioners are added if required. Exhuasts and intakes are blanked. All of these checks and adjustments help to ensure that the engine makes it through the winter in the best possible condition. Before the new season arrives, or when you specify, French Marine will contact you to arrange for your engine to be recommissioned. When an engine is recommssioned it essentially gets the equivalent to a major service and reverses the winterisation process. The water pump impellers are changed, the cooling system drained and filled with the correct coolant, primary and secondary fuel filters are changed and the engine or engines are run to warm them up and check for leaks.

The benefits

By following the Winterisation / Recomssioning process you will ensure that your engine is well maintained and minimise downtime during the season. Many of our customers rely on this service and it has provided them with years of problem free boating. If you would like more information about this service please contact us.