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Marine engineering and fabrication

French Marine Motors are able to offer full marine engineering services thanks to our investment in our fabrication workshop, which is manned by dedicated full time engineers and machinists. Our machine shop is equipped to deal with anything from machining a one off propeller shaft to a full production run of bespoke equipment. Below are some details on some of the work we have recently completed.

Bespoke marine solutions

Stuart Turner stern bearing

The company selling parts for Stuart Turner engines has ceased to exist, we found that we were no longer able to purchase a replacement outboard bearing rubber. Our solution was to design and manufacture a replacement outboard bearing assembly that will accept a standard modern cutlass bearing.

Sea water pump repair

The water pumps on large marine engines can be very expensive to replace. The pump body shown in the picture had worn beyond repair. Rather than replace the whole pump we machined out the casting and fabricated a stainless steel sleeve. Now when the sleeve wears the owner just has to press in a new sleeve. This saves the boat owner money and also future proofs the pump.

Second alternator kits

Modern boats have a lot of on board electronics, requiring a large bank of domestic batteries. We have been manufacturing second alternator kits which allow a boat owner to fit a second high capacity alternator specifically for charging the domestic batteries. The problem we had to overcome with these kits is that no two boats are the same which has meant that each kit is a bespoke design. We now fit these as standard to the Yanmar engines we supply Oyster.

Work Boat

Recently the Suffolk Fly Fishers club approached us because they needed a light weight, safe work platform to use when clearing weed from their lake. We designed and built a flat bottom aluminium boat which provided a stable base from which to operate their weed cutter. A four horsepower outboard motor was used to push it along. French Marine have the facilities to produce a wide range of products and equipment. Our fabrication facility is one of our greatest assets, it allows us to provide well engineered marine solutions.