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Yanmar 4JH5E

54HP Marine Diesel Engine

£8,638.80inc VAT
Part Number: 4JH5E

JH Series 28.7–92kW (39–125HP) Three and four-cylinder direct injection diesels with heat exchanger cooling. Choices of natural aspiration, turbocharged and turbo/aftercooler models, with straight drive or angle drive transmissions. Smaller horsepower models are also offered with Saildrive units. JH Series 4JH4 (54HP/39.6kW) Wisper quiet, smooth running at all speeds and with extremely low vibrations, it produces 25% more torque from just 10% additional displacement compared to the model it replaces but precisely the same size. Dedicated to boating and with the smallest dimension in it's class, the 4JH4 matched several transmission options, including the heavy duty SD40 saildrive with it's patented dual-seal diaphragm and audible water sensor.

  • Engine Range : JH Series
  • Horse Power : 54.00000
  • Documents :
  • Alternator : 12V - 125A
  • Combustion system : Direct injection
  • Combustion system : 36.8 kW (50 hp) / 2907 rpm
  • Cooling system : Fresh water cooling by centrifugal water pump and rubber impeller sea water pump
  • Cylinders : 4 in line
  • Displacement : 2.19 L [134 cu in]
  • Electrical system : 12V - 1.4kW
  • Power (crankshaft) : 39.6 kW (54hp) @ 3000 rpm
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